Crawfish Fundraiser was a Blast!

What a great time! Fun, Friends, crawfish, shrimp!  Many people turned out even though it was rainy most of the day and then about 3:30pm…POW! No electricity!  Did anyone leave? A few, but most everyone stayed and still had a great time.  How can you now have fun with friends and food and your at GRIFF’s!

I don’t think anyone left with an empty stomach as the shrimp and crawfish kept going on propane cookers until they were out of stock on both!  And extension cords were run to enable the registers and a couple under counter lights.  Cheers to the chef! It was even better than ever!  Those shrimp about burned my lips off! 😉

I want to give a shout out to the wonderful staff at Griff’s that hung in there and worked hard all day not only with a huge crowd, but inside in the dark using flshlights and phones to light the way!

If you missed the crawfish this year, you need to pencil it in for next year, the last saturday in January!

I leave you with some pictures from the day.