We would like to invite you to join the "Irish 100 Club"

The Irish 100 Club is a special group of people who are interested in preserving the St. Patrick’s Parade and is willing to help it rise to a new level.

Presently, the Houston St. Patrick’s Parade has more people participating in the parade than any other parade in the City of Houston. However, we feel there is much work to be done. We would like to increase the number of bands marching in the parade. We also need to improve our publicity in order to assure that spectators come out to watch the parade.

As a member of the Irish 100 Club, we are asking you to donate $100.00. We would also like you to participate in our other fun activities, such as the Michael Davitt Irish Open Golf Tournament,  Houston Irish Stew Cook-off and Grand Marshal’s Reception, which are becoming quite popular in the community.

As a member of the Irish 100 Club, your name will be listed on a special section in the parade book under personal sponsors and entitles you to one entry in the Parade.

You may pay via Venmo, CashApp, or the PayPal link provided on the right of this page. You may mail a check in to HSPPC with form here.

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2024 Irish 100 Club!

  • Kearns Family

2022 Irish 100 Club!

  • Kearns Family
  • Dennis & Julia Reynolds

2020 (Canceled)/2021 Irish 100 Club!

  • Kearns Family
  • Greg Horan
  • Rick Cagney
  • Eddie Burke
  • Rick Cagney
  • Charles “Doc” Dougherty
  • Kathleen Miggins
  • Teresa Matlock
  • Justice Jim Sharp
  • Matthew “Apollo” Creed
  • Silvis Ybarra
  • Randolph Locke
  • Eric Quinn
  • Ian Martin
  • Donald Huey
  • Terry Burke
  • Michael Griffin
  • Carol Diller

2019 Irish 100 Club

  • David Carr
  • Mike Carr
  • Doug Williams
  • Donna McKenzie
  • Larry and Barbara Hogan
  • Greg Horan
  • Sean McPherson
  • James Sharp
  • Cagney Meditation
  • Robert Gregg

2018 Irish 100 Club

  • Eric Quinn
  • Jimbo Matujec
  • Greg Horan
  • Bob Downs
  • Houston Gaels
  • The Irish Society
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard McGinty
  • Kathleen Miggins
  • Larry Hogan
  • Cindy and Scott Ramsey
  • Michael “Griff” Griffin
  • Mary Lopez
  • Silvia Ybarra
  • The Kearns Family
  • The Celtic Chorus